Click the yellow Petrel for a video > > >    This is me!!! TESTE DA CAMERA (well....soon as I get my camera installed)

The Hoku Kai arrived April 12th, 2006 and she's been flying for over 5 years now!!! :o)

Alan R. Wehmer - Pilot

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Hangar Photos & Brian Daniels' Breezy & Gyro-copter

The beginning................ Alan R. Wehmer - builder


See below for more pics..............UPDATED 02/22/2008

I put in a Dynon FlightDEK D-180 in addition to a few redundant mechanical gauges such as Air speed, Altimeter, Vert. speed, magnetic compass and turn & slip to make it "look" like an airplane :o)  I used a King Nav/Com and King transponder and an AVMap EKP IV:


Next one will use a panel from It has a larger screen and GPS is built in!!! (actually cheaper, too)  They also have a radio that works with the panel and includes an intercom.

I will be using the Hipec Covering System with Polyfiber fabric.  Hipec can be ordered from or click the Hipec picture

Another great article about Hipec can be read here: >>> HIPEC - A Coating and Covering System for Fabric Covered Aircraft

Here's the Hipec Manual>>>>>>>> "Click"

Strobe & Positions Lights

External Alternator upgrade:

Ext. Alt. option:  Leading Edge Air Foils - External Alternator Kit for Rotax 912

BRS Chute

Throttle & Mixture Cables

Certifiying SLA's

Certification docs:  Alan's document pages

Great Local A & P and IA > > > Elizabeth Wilcoxson "Wilco Air" 808-489-2989

I've got 1 wing!!!  (CLICK on any picture below for a larger view)


The second wing complete....2-11-2007.........I couldn't resist "trying on" the lower wings w/o fabric.  I hope to finish the fabric in the next week.


Lower wings with fabric attached 2-17-2007


I guess I need to put an engine in the cowling............... :o)

Got a new fan to keep the hangar cool..........(note the wingtip light base has been "shaped" on w/microballons)

The panel ................

The engine assembly "mess"

Where the heck does THIS go?

Alan R. Wehmer - at sea  :o)

Engine is on!!! with Cliff, Colby (not pictured) & Brad's help..........

Getting painted on my birthday, May 4th!!!

Back in the "nest" (note where I put 3 - 3 1/4" snap vents - using the extra gas cap hole for 1)

Check out the wingtip lights!!!

The side windows are in June 6th, 2007

Installing the front window on June 9th, 2007 (ran up the engine for the first time today)

All the glass is done June 10th, 2007

Got a new granite desk to work at  (Thanks Brad!!!)

Ready for W & B......then Inspection for Airworthiness!!!


She flies!!!  (click the pic to enlarge)

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Here's Bill Stone's first flight: ("Click" the pic below for video!!!) 

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